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Equicast® is user-friendly and affordable for the treatment of hoof problems (structural wall and sole failure). Equicast® adds temporary wear protection and support to the whole hoof capsule. Whether equine hoof problems are natural or manmade in origin, casting provides the added support to help grow stronger, healthier hoof walls and soles. Equicast® products and wrapping methods have been designed to assist nature in effectively restoring healthy hooves and the proper biomechanics necessary for sustainable and healthy growth. Equicast® should be applied by a hoof care professional.

Equicast Casting Tape

    • Available in 2", 3", or 4" wide
    • Equicast® is developed specifically for use on horse's feet with strength and ground-wear resistance in mind
    • Made of Fiberglass mesh with a special weave for added strength
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