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FootPro™ DIM Impression Material is a non-toxic, non-allergenic, dental grade silicone that is hand mixed to a moldable consistency and applied to the bottom of the equine foot with a pad to provide either a soft cushion (DIM20), or a firm supportive material (DIM40) when needed.

FootPro™ DIM 20 provides cushion for issues such as; thin soles, sensitive frogs or situations where you want to give the horse something very soft to stand on. Cushion allows movement, but slows down the time it takes to reach the limit of the movement. When support is preferred, FootPro™ DIM 40 is an excellent choice. It is most commonly used in the heel area to support the bony column. Support limits movement. Both materials satisfy the need for cushion or support, or a little bit of both. Each individual unit box contains a total of 4 lbs. (2 lbs. Catalyst and 2 lbs. Base).

FootPro DIM 20 (4lb)

    • Convenient storage and easy access
    • Can be easily removed for treatment/inspection
    • For faster set, add more catalyst; for slower set, reduce catalyst amount
    • Easy to mix two equal parts by hand
    • Non-toxic, non-allergenic formula that does not adversely affect structures of the hoof, nor is it affected by moisture
    • Choose between cushion and support
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