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Specifications for LOWER Trucks

Truck Bed height from the ground: Between 700mm to 800mm 

Truck Bed to Canopy: Needs to be 950mm

The standard model will fit any anvil with a max base length of 265mm and a max weight of 45kg if using a Tool Flute otherwise 55kg.

The anvil stays attached and just slides in and out of the vehicle - no more lifting anvils out of the van!

Truckvil takes up a lot less room than a tripod stand and is more stable especially for shoemaking and punching stud holes.

Truckvil stays level - even when the truck is parked on uneven ground. Truckvil comes in two versions LOWER and HIGHER and will fit every van and almost every anvil - please check the specifications to choose the correct model.

Truckvil is a must-buy for farriers that want an easier life!

HMS Foldaway Travel Anvil Stand - Truck (Low)

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