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MAGVET® is a natural magnesium supplement. This unique product, without doping the animal, will biologically, naturally, and safely calm the animal and keep its metabolism in equilibrium. MAGVET®, when added to the horse's diet, will calm the animal, improve performance and prevent excessive stress. MAGVET® is race and show legal.

Under normal conditions Magnesium and Calcium are in equilibrium in the animal's body. In stress situations such as training, racing and other sporting competitions hormonal effects cause a displacement of the Calcium-Magnesium balance in favor of Calcium. Calcium overload of nerve and muscle cells including the heart makes the animals overexcited, nervous and tense, at times resulting in excess’ of lactic acid and possible “Tie Up” of muscles. MAGVET® restores the Calcium - Magnesium balance back to normal. This special Magnesium compound is capable of removing excess Calcium from the cells protecting them against further Calcium overload. This accounts for the stress relieving and calming properties of MAGVET®.


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