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This forge is excellent for knife making, hammer heads axes and lots of ornamental type smithing.
- Two burners, individually controlled with stainless steel burner tips
- Main body is made with premium 12 gauge hot rolled steel
- The inside firebox dimensions for The Mighty are 11.5" W x 7.5" D x 3.5" H3" X 1.5" side ports for bar stock to pass through
- Fuel type: Propane with operating pressure of 2 to 15 PSI
- Interior fire box lined with 2600 high density specially formulated board.
- A one piece poured floor made up of a light weight 80 compound removable and replaceable
- Capable of forge welding in minutes
- Large 2" insulated front door
- Weight: 60 lbs
- Comes with CSA approved 10' hose, push button igniter, Self Regulating 0-30 Lbs propane regulator and gauge

Mighty Forge

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