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100%Natural topical remedy that kills thrush and white line bacteria on contact. It heals soft tissue damage including abscesses.


Treatment with “Thrush Off” Once the black necrotic (dead) tissue has been removed and the frog, cleft and sulcus (the grooves on either side of the frog) of the hoof has been cleaned, you can apply Thrush Off. Shake well before use. Saturate Thrush Off on the frog thoroughly. Scrub the product deep into the frog and affected areas.Thrush Off kills bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This product is non-caustic. It can be used under pads, shoes, and any hoof packing. Thrush Off heals damaged tissue by promoting the growth of new collagen. Thrush Off is Natural and Non Toxic.

Well Horse Thrush Off

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